Extractor Fan motore Bearing Quiet 100 mm, with Ball And Motion Detector (PIR)

Caratteristiche del prodotto

  • Low Energy demand from 7.5 W motore a due to New High Efficient. Maintenance-free Ball Bearings contain Enough Grease for 40 000 HRS non-stop operation.
  • Motore on Special Anti-Vibration Dampers for Vibration absorbing and Silent operation. ONLY 25dB.
  • With Motion Sensor (if Motion is detected in the Reach area, The fan is Switched automatically and operates within the set time period from 2 to 30 min; Reach distance up to 4 m, The max. viewing angle 100 °) and a Specially designed Back Valve (to prevent Back Flow and Heat Losses during the fan standby)
  • Nominal diameter 4 inch/100 mm
  • High Quality product made in Europe (5 years guarantee)

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- Innovativa Exhaust Fan with stylish design for New Comfort Level in shower Rooms, bathrooms, KITCHENS and other residential Premises.

- Profili Specially designed AERODYNAMIC provides high air Capacity and low noise.

- The Fan is Equipped with a Specially designed Back Valve to prevent Back Flow and heat losses during the Fan stand-by.

- The Fan Exhaust spigot incorporates Specially designed Air rectifiers to reduce Air TURBULENCE, Increase air pressure and Lower Noise Level.

- High Ingress Protection Rating IP 45 ensures Makes the Fan The ideal solution for ventilation of a bathroom. The Electronic Components are PROTECTED with Tight Covers.

- Low Energy demand 17 W Due to New High Efficient Motor.

- Maintenance-free Bearings contain enough Grease For 40 000 hrs non-stop operation.

- Motore on special Anti-Vibration dampers For Vibration Absorbing and Silent Operation.

- By The Motion Sensor and timer TP (if Motion is Detected in the Reach area, The fan is Switched automatically and operates Within the set Time period from 2 to 30 min). Reach max. distance up to 4 m, The viewing angle 100 °.

- Suitable for Ceiling mounting.

Technical data:

Voltage: 230 V

Watt lampadina inclusa: 7.5 W

Diametro: 100 mm/4 Inch

Extraction: 97 m³/h

Sound Level: max. 25 dB (a)

Weight: 0.55 kg

Protection Rating: IP45

Timer: Yes

Motion Detector: Yes

Humidis fatto: No

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